The Last Kuromatsu Garden

Brand New Art Experience

Presenting THE LAST KUROMATSU GARDEN, the story of the first black pine Zen garden born in the metaverse. Kuromatsu, the long-standing symbol in Japanese art, fused with stone garden of Zen art, into the mysterious beauty named Yūgen-no-bi in Japanese. It’s the world’s first and quietest “phygital” video sculpture, immortalizing the DNA of the living Kuromatsu in NFT. Open the space for self-reflection, and unleash creativity in the convergence of nature, art, and humans. From the artwork, the journey begins.

The Quieting Spirit of Kuromatsu
in the Stone Zen Garden

In the stone Zen garden quietly resides the spirit of Kuromatsu, brought to life by merging the biological data of the black pine tree with cutting-edge technology. The artwork will live alongside and within the owner throughout the lifetime of living Kuromatsu.

The Last Kuromatsu Garden Sculpture

The Last Kuromatsu Garden

Immersive Encounter

Each of the twelve 4K monitors presents a unique portal to the fantasy world, opening diverse perspectives. The artwork as a whole embodies the spirit of Kuromatsu, and at its core, the Zen art itself. It invites viewers’ countless interpretations born from the immersive encounter with the piece.

Physical Details:

  1. H:90.6” x W:57.1” x D:30.3”
    (H:2300mm x W:1450mm x D:770mm)
  2. 4K Resolution
  3. 27” Monitor x 12
  4. 1 minute video on loop

The Last Kuromatsu Garden
Non-Fungible Token

Life-Long Connection

The NFT and the rare Kuromatsu intertwine in a profound and life-long connection. The owner holds exclusive access to the sculpture, the NFT, the biological data of the Kuromatsu (scanned 3D data and DNA sequence), and the real-life black pine tree managed with great care.

NFT Details:

  1. Contains DNA Data
  2. ERC-721 Token
  3. MANIFOLD.XYZ Smart Contract
  4. Customizable
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Kuromatsu scanned data

Point Cloud Data

Kuromatsu DNA data

DNA Data in NFT

The Living Kuromatsu

The Last Kuromatsu Garden
The Living Kuromatsu

Create the Legend

The one and only 300-year-old living Kuromatsu tree resides within Japan’s beautiful air and environment, treated with great care by the hands of skilled garden craftsmen. It will be made sure to thrive in the future, but its story is yet to be written. Become the first owner of the Kuromatsu and create its legend.


The project features seven other rare Kuromatsu trees. Their locations remain confidential.

Kuromatsu No.1

No. 1

Kuromatsu No.2

No. 2

Kuromatsu No.3

No. 3

Kuromatsu No.4

No. 4

Kuromatsu No.5

No. 5

Kuromatsu No.6

No. 6

Kuromatsu No.7

No. 7

Kuromatsu No.8

No. 8

Artist Statement

○△□Labs is thrilled to explore a new art form, collaboratively shaped by humans and nature at the intersection of traditions and technology. We invite you to be immersed and lost with us in the art world and take a journey of transforming the values of nature and living beings for the future. Throughout the lifetime of the real-life black pine tree, the artwork will continuously metamorphose, transcending conventional boundaries in its message, interpretation, and meaning.

○△□ Labs

○△□Labs is a secret metaverse art lab in Japan. A diverse group of artists, including CG artists, media artists, programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs, architects, philosophers, sociologists, and researchers, converge to collaborate and create artworks for nature and humans.

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